"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." ~Mother Teresa

Feed Fred has been dedicated to delivering hot, homemade, nourishing meals to those in need within the greater Fredericksburg area since April 2012.

The people we serve are children and families living in motels, people who are suffering with an extended illness such as HIV/AIDS, veterans, elderly on fixed incomes, working poor and the homeless. These people are your neighbors and you may not even know they have a need.

We have been serving a free, homemade, family style breakfast at the VFW, every Sunday morning, since August 2012.

It all started in early 2012, when after many prayers and a lot of thought, I began driving around our community trying to find where homeless people stayed. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. I just knew that I loved to cook and I loved feeding people. Although I wasn't positive that Fredericksburg had a homeless population, I was sure that; if I could find them, they would be hungry!

Other than the few people, holding signs near the mall, I did not have much luck in my search. When I asked around, it seemed no one knew where to find this population. Then, I read an article in the paper about a local organization looking for volunteers to feed breakfast to the homeless. I soon discovered that this was not going to be a "one man" show. They needed people to purchase all of the food, prepare it, and then serve and clean up. I am NOT a rich person, but I was not going to let this stop me. The volunteers that were already in place, came from churches and large companies. I knew that I could not afford to do it on my own, but I wanted/needed to do something. I asked my husband if his company would give me some financial backing and they agreed. To date, CBAI & Associates is my ONLY regular sponsor and the reason I can still do what I do.

 I started serving breakfast, as needed, but soon discovered that there was no breakfast anywhere on Sunday mornings. So...In August 2012, after the VFW offered to let us use a meeting room in their facility, my husband and I started serving an amazing breakfast every Sunday morning. Our regular menu consists of biscuits with homemade sausage gravy, cheesy grits, steak fried potatoes, homemade waffles, scrambled, boiled or fried eggs, homemade gourmet breakfast burritos, fresh fruit, breakfast cakes, muffins or pastries, coffee and OJ. We have been told that it is the BEST in town!

There is no kitchen in the room we have been given, so I wake up between midnight and 1am every Sunday morning to prepare the meal. My husband and I then load everything into our family minivan and transport it to the VFW where we set up and serve between 30 and 100 people, (depending on the weather).

While volunteering I discovered that there are MANY people who could benefit from a free home cooked meal; not just the homeless. These people have slipped through the cracks in our system for one reason or another. They are the elderly, children living in low income housing/motels, patients with serious illnesses, like HIV/Aids and even the homeless. Many do not have the ability to travel to the store/food pantry, community meals, or they are just not able to prepare the meals themselves. The people we serve do not have the resources to get the nutrition their bodies need. Many have not had a home cooked meal in years! THIS is why I decided to start Feed Fred.

On April 25, 2013 Feed Fred-Gringarritos received our business license and on May 29, 2014 we received our 501(c)3 from the IRS!